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Appearing in "Fear Itself Part 4: Fog of War"

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Synopsis for "Fear Itself Part 4: Fog of War"

While Pepper Potts fights Sasha Hammer and her armored goons in Paris, Tony works in Svartalfheim on his magically powered super weapon, feeling the effects of his epic fall off of the wagon. Meanwhile mysterious servants of the Serpent make a Golem to attempt to kill Tony Stark while he is at work.

Mokk interrupts the fight between Pepper and the Hammer goons, forcing both sides to refocus on the supervillian at hand.

While examining the furnace with Splitlip, Tony realizes that to cast his suit in the magical metal Uru he'll have to actually dip himself into the molten metal as his current suit is built into his body and is unresolvable.

Later, while doing some precision soldering the Golem attacks, smothering him with it's liquid body...

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN The heroes’ darkest hour is at hand, and Tony Stark gets to work turning the tide of FEAR ITSELF. And as if things weren't grim enough – RESCUE engages HAMMER INDUSTRIES goons in the ruins of Paris as one of the Serpent's avatars goes on the hunt…


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  1. Invincible Iron Man #507
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