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Quote1.png If I ever get out of here, everything will be different. Everything. Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "Fear Itself Part 5: If I Ever Get Out of Here"

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Synopsis for "Fear Itself Part 5: If I Ever Get Out of Here"

As Tony Stark is slowly suffocated by his mysterious viscous attacker he mulls on how easy it would be to give up and let himself die. Unwilling to let go of his responsibilities Tony resists and breaks out of the creature, only to discover it is duplicating him, leeching his life energy and the power of his suit. Near death he is assisted by the Svartalfheim dwarves allowing him to destroy the creature. Having a close brush with death Tony turns over a new leaf and turns down alcohol, returning to his sobriety.

Pepper Potts and the Hammer Battle Group face off against Mokk, but when Sasha Hammer gets confirmation that Detroit Steel is out of commission the Group flees the scene, leaving a helpless Rescue in the claws of Mokk.

Odin arrives at Svartalfheim, still skeptical of Tony Stark's plan to defeat the Serpent. Tony throws himself and his new weapons into the vat of Uru, infusing his suit with the magical metal uru, arming him for a final confrontation with evil.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN Tony finishes his work in Svartalfheim and must make the ultimate leap of faith to finish the job -- and try to get back to Earth in time to save it! Meanwhile Rescue has to deal with Hammer Industries’ Detroit Steel Corps and the monstrous Grey Gargoyle in the ruins of Paris…


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