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Appearing in "Fear Itself Part 6: Mercy"

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Synopsis for "Fear Itself Part 6: Mercy"

Tony emerges from the vat of uru in his new armor and is set to depart for Broxton when Splitlip tells him he got him a gift. The gift in question is the captive smoke elves that sent the mud sprite to kill him, and Splitlip offers him the chance to execute them.

In Paris, Mokk continues to glare at Pepper, who's having trouble keeping her eyes closed. She goes to wipe sweat out of her eyes knowing that doing so will force her eye open and kill her. She is instead surprised to see that Mokk is looking upwards and is being called forth by the Serpent. He tosses her to the ground and then departs.

In Svartalfheim, Tony realizes that fear is starting to come over all of the dwarves that have gathered to watch him kill the smoke elves. Things get out of hand when the dwarves suggest dumping them in uru but Tony stops them and calms them down by switching into his armor and threatening them. He then frees the smoke elves and gives them the choice to either kill him or leave. They choose to leave.

Back in Paris, Pepper asks the workers who are examining what's left of Detroit Steel for a ride home.

Splitlip finds Tony and tells him he's got a drinking problem and asks Tony for help since he had previously turned down a drink. Tony admits to him that he broke his sobriety because he thought he was going to die and wanted to die drunk. Tony offers him a chance to live with him on Earth so that he can help him but Splitlip turns him down, believing that everyone is going to die.

Later, Tony, Thor, Odin, Splitlip, and several dwarves leave with Tony's weapons. On a plane, Pepper is told that footage of her crying in her suit in her office is on the news.

Tony and the others emerge in Broxton, where Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Red Hulk, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Red She-Hulk, and Dr. Strange await.

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FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN - Iron Man arms himself for the end of the world. - Guest starring Rescue and the Detroit Steel Corps.


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