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War Machine
Stand down, men. He's cooperating!
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Iron Man
Et tu, Rhodey?
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Appearing in "Demon Part 4: Control"

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Races and Species




  • China Army jets
  • The Dynasty's jet
  • U.S. Army jets

Synopsis for "Demon Part 4: Control"

Iron Man arrives at the Three Gorges Dam in China, it is being attacked by Dreadnoughts. The Chinese superhero team, the Dynasty, arrive to the defense. Tony notes how his suit's taken a beating lately, his reaction time is slow. He's beginning to suspect some bigger connections. The Dreadnoughts divebomb the dam, blowing themselves up and breaching it. War Machine arrives with more firepower.

In a Paris back alley, Dough Johnson attacks some poker players to steal their money and passports. He is garbed in football armor and heavily armed, calling himself Detroit Steel.

In Mandarin City, Stane is working on the Mandarin's Project Omega, a squid-armed Titanomech. He comments on how the Mandarin is not giving him enough time and money to make the Dreadnoughts the best they can be. The Mandarin uses his ring to sap Stane's willpower away and make him obey.

The air cavalry arrives at the dam, but orders the heroes away - they will blow up their own dam to win the fight. The Dynasty thanks Tony and Rhodey for their assistance, and take off.

War Machine has been ordered to escort Iron Man home; disappointed, Tony takes the flight time to examine the head of a Dreadnought, and through his forensic engineering discovers that Ezekiel Stane and the Mandarin are working together. He realizes he's a tiny fly caught in their web.

At Mandarin City, the Mandarin and Stane have joined many of Iron Man's old foes together and upgraded their powers to crush the tyrant Tony Stark. Blizzard's terrorist acts, Laser's public attack on Iron Man and the Dreadnoughts were all part of this, and he declares it time to start phase two.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Should Tony Stark be Iron Man?
  • Can James Rhodes-- aka WAR MACHINE-- convince him otherwise?
  • The Mandarin and Zeke Stane, teamed up to destroy IRON MAN together!


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