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Iron Man

Appearing in "Demon (Part 5): Melt"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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  • Washington
    • Seattle
      • Stark Resilient HQ
        • Stark's Private Garage
    • Henry M. Jackson Federal Building
  • China
  • California (Main story and flashback)
    • Los Angeles (Main story and flashback)
      • Wilmington Oil Field (Main story and flashback)
      • Downtown



  • Repulsor tech trucks

Synopsis for "Demon (Part 5): Melt"

Tony drives the subpoenaed biometrics data to the federal building. To piss off Babbage, he has decided to print everything out rather than handing over a digital copy, resulting in the paper filling up nineteen trucks. Back at his private residence, he attempts to cook but does so poorly enough for Beth to warrant him a fire risk. He tells her the Mandarin is behind things, Beth calls him a walking disaster.

At the Mandarin City barracks, Melter is adjusting to his new powers. He and Blizzard talk about the bombs planted inside them, how they should just smile and nod and give the Mandarin what he wants. He is called to the Mandarin's office.

Rhodey has a beer and a game of chess with Tony at his private garage, which is filled with cars and armor parts. Tony explains that he doesn't particularly enjoy chess but it helps him think outside himself and connect things. They discuss what to do about the game he's just realized they are caught in, and he wants to show him something.

Mrs Hammer and General Babbage arrive to thank Tony for delivering the biometrics data. Hammer says they assume he got drunk, as she had sent the wine bottle. Threatening him with a court order and a total loss of assets, they encourage him to equip a governor device to his repulsor node which will enable them to remotely shut down his suit "for his own safety". Bitterly, and not thinking to let lawyers chew through it first, Tony agrees.

Iron Man flies off to an oil field near Los Angeles, where Whirlwind is twearing up the pumps. Seems like all his ghosts are coming back to haunt him. He ponders the months of planning, the discipline, the money it has taken to create the trap that is now closing around him.

Meanwhile, Downtown Los Angeles, Melter begins to cause havoc, Mandarin and Stane carefully directing the show from afar. Whirlwind takes off, but before Iron Man can follow him, Babbage and Hammer activate the governor, telling Tony they have decided he needs a cool-down period. They send in War Machine alone.

Solicit Synopsis

• Tony Stark Is Called Out For His Actions During Fear Itself!

• The Mandarin On American Soil!

• Has Bethany Cabe Found The Mole Or Has The Mole Found Bethany Cabe?


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