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Quote1 Your time as Rescue was hardly playing "dress-up", ma'am, if I may offer a dissenting opinion. You saved lives. You did good. We did good. Quote2

Appearing in "Demon Part 6: Fall"

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  • Resilient Repulsor car

Synopsis for "Demon Part 6: Fall"

Downtown Los Angeles, War Machine and Melter face off. Tony can't arrive as backup as Hammer's governor has disabled his suit; Beth is picking him up, looking noticeably disappointed in him. He tells Rhodey that Stane and Mandarin has them checkmate. War Machine punches Melter out.

At Stark Resilient HQ, J.A.R.V.I.S. clumsily tries to encourage Pepper to get back in the action, which she does. Sasha and the Mandarin are greeted by Babbage, since Stark wont be making weapons, he'll be doing business with Hammer and Detroit Steel - Mandarin Industries!

Melter melts the armor off one of War Machine's arms, and Whirlwind arrives too, crushing him with a shower of rubble.

In the car, Tony desperately tries to wrestle the governor off his chest, to no avail. Despite the damage to his suit, War Machine holds up against both Melter and Whirlwind, but Living Laser arrives, punching his helmet to pieces. Melter destroys the armor over his chest, and Laser strikes a killing blow to his chest, just as Pepper arrives - too late. She kneels beside him, and Tony arrives, attempting CPR.

The Living Laser is excited to tell Stane about his performance, but Stane is busy building a titanomech...

Tony is at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, talking about how his relapse during the Serpent's War just made all the chaos came rushing back as if all the dry years in between hadn't mattered. A flashback in the back of an ambulance reveals that Rhodey isn't dead, the lifevest has saved him - but he is officially dead for the time being. At the meeting, Tony admits that he needs help, even before he had that drink, he needed help.

Tony tells Rhodey that they lost the game, thanks to lunatics he should have put down a long time ago. "They won that game. Now they're playing ours."

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• A Hero Falls!


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