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Quote1.png I quit, General. I quit being Iron Man, effective immediately. You win. Quote2.png
Tony Stark

Appearing in "Long Way Down Part 1: Night of the Long Knives"

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Synopsis for "Long Way Down Part 1: Night of the Long Knives"

Firebrand attacks in Charlotte, causing as much damage as possible. Iron Man overpowers her, but Crimson Dynamo arrives on backup. He asks them to stand down and disengage, but just as he forms a massive repulsor cannon between his arms, suit is again disabled by Hammer's device. Detroit Steel Corps arrive and gun down Firebrand and Crimson Dynamo. Sasha Hammer laughs as Tony is caught in the crossfire. Detroit Steel take off with the bloodied villains, leaving Tony in his shorts in the ruins of the city.

At the Avengers Mansion, Tony hangs over a cup of coffee while Captain America and Carol Danvers talk to him. He tells them to go to hell, and takes a leave of absence from the Avengers.

Sasha is presented as the new Detroit Steel pilot. Over the phone, she tells Zeke that her yoghurt tasted funny. She asks him how his plans are proceeding, but he tells her that the Mandarin has gotten into his head by using the rings. A flashback shows him presenting the Titanomech he's built to Mandarin's specifications, however it is unfinished because the Mandarin has not provided the power source. The mech breaks down during the demonstration, and Mandarin beats Stane to a pulp in a rage. Zeke is disturbed that he was unable to even hit back. He believes it is not just the rings, but that the bomb implant inside him is also able to turn him off when the Mandarin wills it.

At Cababa and Pimacher's residence, Pim receives a text from Justine Hammer: "It's time, Spymaster". Saying he really did love him, he attacks Tim, stabbing him in the chest. He pulls off his mask and reveals himself to be Spymaster.

Tony comes to Babbage's office to announce that he will quit as Iron Man.

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• The mole inside Start Resilient is revealed!


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