Quote1.png Mauler. Chemistro. Your mission is to assassinate Tony Stark... Am I clear? Quote2.png
-- Mandarin

Appearing in "Long Way Down 3: You Ghosts of Mine Both New and Old"

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Synopsis for "Long Way Down 3: You Ghosts of Mine Both New and Old"

At the Baxter building, Tony gives a little speech, resigning as Iron Man, citing his alcoholism. The press asks him to comment on some recent Iron Man activity, but he denies knowing anything.

Near Somalia, Rhodey is battling Firepower and pirates, while reciting poetry.

At the Seattle Medical Center, a surgeon and a policeman discuss Detroit Steel's latest victim, his apartment cleaned of any identification and his landlord killed, they have no clue to his identity. They receive a call that shots have been fired at Stark Resilient.

A flashback shows Detroit Steel ambushing Sasha at her apartment. He has drugged her food to weaken her, and though she fights back with her energy whips, he manages to take her out. Agents arrive at the trashed apartment, Sasha Hammer is missing.

Police arrive at Stark Resilient. Spymaster comes to, and shoots Carson Wyche. He escapes and shoots them again from an air duct. Beth drags Wyche to safety, and attacks Spymaster with an axe. Bambi Arbogast comes into the room and shoots him, this time he stays down.

Rhodey is enjoying the the new suit, giving him cloaking abilities and very quick defenses. But as he still has a sinking ship to save, he decides to sink Firepower, breaching his armor so the water pressure can take care of him. He can finally help the boat.

Mandarin is on the phone with Babbage, surprised Stark buckled so quickly. Neither of them know who the new Iron Man is - he took out Firepower, and Mandarin can't find Stane to blame it on. He orders Mauler and Chemistro to assassinate Tony Stark, but at that moment Stane returns. He tosses a bloody gem at Mandarin, declaring he has regained his independent thoughts. Mandarin is surprised, but smiles confidently...

Solicit Synopsis

•The New Iron Man explodes into action!

• Spymaster’s rampage within Stark Resilient comes to its bloody end!



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