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Appearing in "Long Way Down Part 4: The Work"

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Synopsis for "Long Way Down Part 4: The Work"

Having struggled free of the mind control, Stane attacks the Mandarin, but, weakened from his surgery, he is quickly overpowered. Rather than kill Stane and lose his work, he puts him back under control. He sends Mauler and Chemistro off to assassinate Tony Stark.

At the Seattle Medical Facility, much press has showed up as Tony and Pepper arrive to visit Tim. Spymaster has carefully stabbed around his heart to spare him. Beth confronts Tony for not letting her do her security job properly, saying that he is in too much of a position of power to allow himself to get careless. She quits. Spymaster is waking up from surgery. He attempts to steal a revolver from one of the policemen guarding him; the rest quickly gun him down.

At Hammer Industries, Doug Johnson arrives with the sedated Sasha Hammer as his hostage, demanding the Detroit Steel armor back. Justine doesn't look ready to negotiate, but Doug states that his being a dead man gives him all the time in the world. She decides to hand over the armor, though her attitude towards her daughter's life is entirely cynical. She reveals to Sasha that she plans to simply remote detonate the armor once he is inside.

Downtown Seattle, Mauler is spying from a rooftop. Tony is in a board meeting, signing his power of the company away. The biometrics data revealing his being intoxicated while piloting Iron Man has been found. He leaves, meeting a mob of press outside. Seems he's got nothing but bad news these days. A man in the crowd pulls a gun on Tony, but Iron Man arrives, disabling him.

Solicit Synopsis

•The New Iron Man explodes into action!

• Spymaster’s rampage within Stark Resilient comes to its bloody end!



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