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Quote1.png Let's get you safe-- then you can sue me for copyright infringement. Quote2.png
Iron Man (James Rhodes)

Appearing in "Long Way Down (Part 5): The Dead and the Dying"

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Synopsis for "Long Way Down (Part 5): The Dead and the Dying"

Doug Johnson is again inside the Detroit Steel armor, and as Justine Hammer has failed to change the passwords since his "death", he is able to prevent them from simply detonating the suit with him inside. He attacks the Hammers and their security force.

Iron Man lifts Tony Stark away from the gunman, and they are attacked by Chemistro and Mauler. Tony speaks to Iron Man as if he doesn't know who he is, even telling nearby reporters that he is ready to sue him for copyright infringement if they live through this.

Having recovered from the roofies, Sasha and the two other Steel Corps pilots attack Johnson, and Sasha strangles him with her energy whips. She manages to cut his head off and emerges victorious.

Chemistro is unfased by Iron Man's threats to take his head off, as he knows Tony Stark takes prisoners. Iron Man blows his head off, declaring he is not Tony Stark. Mauler attacks, but Rescue disables him by pulling his armor apart with magnetism. Tony punches him out, then sees Iron Man off with an ungrateful comment.

At the Seattle Medical Center, Tim and the rest of Resilient are watching a video Spymaster left for him, revealing some of what his exact mission had been. He tells Tim to live through this. Tony informs them he's out of the company, to protect them from being the target of his enemies.

At the Resilient HQ, Tony packs up his belongings. He manages to call the Mandarin to figure out how to stop his people getting hurt. Mandarin comments on the tentacled Titanomech Tony is doodling, and reveals that he's infiltrated Tony's brain ever since he deleted it. He now controls Tony, making him punch himself and call the Mandarin his master.

Solicit Synopsis

Stark. The Mandarin. FACE TO FACE at last.

What is the future of Resilient? Who lives? Who dies? How can Tony save his people, save the world, and save himself at the same time…?



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