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Iron Man

Appearing in "The Future Part 5: Beating Down the Transhuman Condition"

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Synopsis for "The Future Part 5: Beating Down the Transhuman Condition"

Under Iron Man's leadership, the rebels attack Mandarin's goons. They then split up to destroy the armory and the drill, while Iron Man heads for Mandarin and the titanomechs.

Meanwhile, Bethany Cabe and Pepper Potts pay a visit to Mrs. Rhodes, leaving a letter for Rhodey.

Living Laser, Blizzard and Whirlwind arrive at the armory, where Laser quickly tears it up. The staff attempts to detonate the suits there in self defense, but the rebels have managed to disable many security measures. They then make for the titanomechs and the final showdown.

With his makeshift armor lacking finish, Iron Man struggles against the three titanomechs outnumbering him. Zeke Stane has arrived at the drill, where Mandarin attacks him, calling him a traitor. Before they can scrap off, Iron Man crashes their fight with the titanomechs on his tail.

Beth and Pepper meet with the The Dynasty and Triumph Division in international waters to organize a rogue rescue operation and get Tony Stark home - Tony has been there for these heroes and they will be there for him.

Stane and Mandarin scrap, Iron Man investigates the drill and its purpose is revealed; Mandarin means to crack open the Earth and feed its energies to the ring-empowered titanomechs!

Solicit Synopsis

• Iron Man! Rescue! War Machine! Mandarin! Stane! Whiplash! Hammer! Detroit Steel!

• The rogue revolution! War in Mandarin City!

• What is the shocking secret behind the Ten Rings?


  • Despite what the solicit says, Whiplash does not make an appearance in this issue.
  • This issue is reprinted in the trade Invincible Iron Man: The Future.

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