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Quote1.png You literally just destroyed a possible alien intelligence for God's sake! What makes you the hero and me the villain here? Quote2.png
Zeke Stane

Appearing in "The Future Part 6: Independence Day"

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Synopsis for "The Future Part 6: Independence Day"

Stane, Mandarin and Iron Man fight while the drill melts and cracks the ground underneath them. The whole world is ending - and Mandarin just keeps talking about his rings, how they came from the stars, how he will destroy earth and use its molten core to go back to the stars with them. Blizzard, Whirlwind and Living Laser run him over in an SUV.

At Resilient, Tim and Macken are preparing to remotely update Tony's system with the Swarm. Pepper shows J.A.R.V.I.S. how he has been sending data to an I.P. address in China. He seems flustered, confused, Pepper thanks him for what he has given her, and powers up the coil, killing J.A.R.V.I.S. Tony clearly feels the AI's death on his end.

The fight with Mandarin continues, Iron Man is clearly not holding up so well. Mandarin suggests he pray, and on cue, Bethany Cabe shows up with Triumph Division and the Dynasty. They begin to take on the titanomechs, and Tony is happy they can put their past behind them and not go for Stane - he has to inform them that Laser and Blizzard are on his team, however.

Tim Pacaba ignores Wyche's caution and reinstalls Stark, thankfully he quickly reboots, now able to contact Resilient and with control of the Swarm. Using the swarm nanobots as bombs, letting the future kill the past, he rains destruction down on the titanomechs. He tells the remaining one that it will never leave Earth before he smashes through its head.

He lands, and finds that Zeke has killed Mandarin. Tony is upset, having wanted Zeke to play by his hero rules. Tony reflects that he doesn't know what precisely makes heroes and villains anymore.

Solicit Synopsis

• TONY and STANE versus MANDARIN for all the marbles!

• RESCUE and IRON MAN 2.0 versus HAMMER!!


  • This issue is reprinted in the trade Invincible Iron Man: The Future.

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