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Iron Man

Appearing in "The Future: Finale - The Stars My Destination"

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Synopsis for "The Future: Finale - The Stars My Destination"

Having returned from China a hero, Tony borrows an old armor from the Avengers Tower archive. He attempts to resume his old hero activities, but S.H.I.E.L.D. soon brings him in. He fills Maria Hill in on events, and how he believes he was compromised - and how much. Quickly becoming frustrated with Hill's questions, he flies home, isolating himself in his workshop from the outside. Pepper and Rhodey attempt to call him. Tony has taken both their suits and is scrapping them for parts.

Later, after again fighting in the old armor, Tony feels that everything is stuck in the past, including himself, and he realizes he may be depressed. Still investigating loose ends around Zeke Stane, he thinks Zeke and Sasha mean to kill Justine Hammer - and Beth had carelessly let Zeke use her phone to call Sasha. He questions Beth about this, but they both get aggressive. He calls Justine to warn her, but she wont take advice from him. Zeke and Sasha are waiting for her in her car, creating a blast of energy which killed her.

Pepper lets herself into Tony's apartment, and finds him naked in the bathroom. She leaves after he threatens her with dinner - as it turns out, Monique was hiding in the bathtub, holding her breath. The next morning, Tony has called a senior staff meeting on the roof. Showing up in what appears to be the Extremis armour outfitted with a booster module, he has bought flowers for everyone and apologizes for being so distant. Having decided to go on a vacation, he says good-bye for now, and promises to do better next time. He tells Pepper that he will miss her, but tells her not to worry about him anymore. He then takes off for the stars.

Let me tell you about my dreams.


  • Tony mentions having programmed the consumer grade repulsor technology to recognize when it had been re-purposed into weapons.
  • Tony taking off to space was somewhat foreshadowed in Avengers Assemble #8, where the Guardians of the Galaxy invite him to come along.
  • This issue is reprinted in the trade Invincible Iron Man: The Future.

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  • The armor in which Tony appears in the end of the series is the same used in the start of the same.
  • Similarly, as the start of the series has Tony speaking about his five nightmares, in the end he wants to tell about his dreams.

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