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Quote1.png Pepper Potts, you are under arrest. Quote2.png
—H.A.M.M.E.R. field agent

Appearing in "World's Most Wanted, Part 5: The High-End Technology of Ultramodern Destruction"

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Synopsis for "World's Most Wanted, Part 5: The High-End Technology of Ultramodern Destruction"

Pepper is trying out her new suit, saving school children from becoming trapped in an earthquake in Cascade Mountains, Washington. She's thrilled with how the suit doesn't have any weapons, except for what she can do with flight, enhanced strength and magnetic field manipulation and other tactical tricks. Osborn has her under surveillance but does not believe she has no weapons. To determine her capabilities, Osborn disables an aeroplane - with J.A.R.V.I.S.'s help and encouragement, Pepper catches it mid-air and prevents the crash. She lands the plane somewhat safely, and are greeted by cops and press alike. But as they back up, H.A.M.M.E.R. take her into custody.

At a Stark Deep Sea laboratory, Tony is busy deleting his mind and re-purposing an old suit to continue the deletion while he is on the run. He is worried if the old tech will be able to protect him now, since he's also losing his mental abilities. Namor attacks the lab, breaching the walls before Tony can equip the diving armor. Tony disables the Atlanteans, Namor confronts him and asks him to not be stupid. Tony replies that it is way too late for that, and attacks. The battle breaches the hull. While Namor is beating him senseless and destroying his armor, Tony aims for a waste pipe, polluting the water to weaken Namor. He gets into the deep sea suit, leaves the lab which explodes behind him.

At Futurepharm, Maria Hill has discovered the Controller and identifies several missing persons in life support pods under his throne. She is determined to shut him down before acquiring the hard drive Tony requested, but she is discovered and attacked by his mind-slaves. They overpower her and put her under control, ending her mission...

As Namor has failed, Osborn summons the Hood and Whitney Frost, putting a bounty of a billion Euros in gold on Tony Stark's head.


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