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Appearing in "World's Most Wanted, Part 6 - Some King of the World"

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Synopsis for "World's Most Wanted, Part 6 - Some King of the World"

H.A.M.M.E.R. agents recover Tony's helmet on a beach. Tony is shopping for old-fashioned hardware to alter his suits to what he can handle now. He's starting to forget grammar. He is spotted by a civilian who reports him, Tony throws away his phone. He's soon attacked by Shockwave who wounds him by smacking him through a ceiling. Tony begs for mercy to distract him, then manages to paralyze him with a hidden repulsor weapon in his palm. He apologizes in French to the elderly lady who lives in the apartment and leaves. Tony is in a hideout, modifying armor and deleting his brain. The deletion surge sends him to the floor, calling Pepper's name.

At Futurepharm, the Controller is attempting to crack Maria's willpower. Memories of being called useless by her superiors flash through her mind and she resists. She rips the controller disc from the back of her neck and turns on the Controller. Not wishing to harm the controlled people who attack her, she moves for the cables powering the Controller's throne and unplugs them. The people come to their senses, and Maria runs from the fray. She finds a computer, locates the hard-drive, and drives off, determined to get it to Captain America or bleed to death from her controller disc wound.

Pepper is held shackled at Avengers Tower, but refuses to remove her suit for examination, nor tell them where Stark is - she doesn't know, after all. To add to that, her records are clean, all the tech is registered; she knows they have no legal powers to hold her. Pepper learns that Osborn has a batch of old Iron Man suits but is unable to utilize them because he has no repulsor generator technology. Pepper refuses to give it up for examination, Osborn then gives several restrictions for what she can do with the suit without giving them the option to bring her in. Not caring for Norman Osborn's talk, Pepper sets a course to find Tony.

Osborn has unearthed data about Tony's hidden armories, offering Whitney Frost a chance to off him, he knows the two have personal business.


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