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Quote1.png The Crimson Dynamo knows Iron Man-- and you-- --brought down so easily-- --are no Iron Man. Quote2.png
Colonel Dimitri Bukharin

Appearing in "Worlds's Most Wanted, Part 7: The Shape Of The World These Days"

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Synopsis for "Worlds's Most Wanted, Part 7: The Shape Of The World These Days"

Tony has arrived in Russia and tries to avoid a number of missiles launched at him but one causes him to crash to the ground. As he gets up, he sees the Crimson Dynamo looming over him believing him to be an Iron Man impostor. Tony tries pleading with Dmitri; the Russian recognizes his friend and gives him a bear hug. Tony then explains that he needs to get to his facility in Kirensk to repair his armor and borrows the Crimson Dynamo armor.

Meanwhile, at a bus terminal in Newark, New Jersey, an employee finds a blond woman sleeping in an empty bus and wakes her up. The woman is Maria Hill, who pulls off her wig and demanded to know who sent him; the employee weakly states, "Guh-- Greyhound" and calls security as Hill runs away from the scene.

In the Holland Tunnel, Pepper is meeting with her doctor who placed the magnet in her chest. J.A.R.V.I.S. then informs her that there is repulsor activity in Russia, so she sets off in her armor, under the codename Rescue. H.A.M.M.E.R. detects her leaving and Osborn calls Dmitri, to ask for Russian assistance in apprehended Stark and Potts, stating that the former is holding dangerous information. However, Dmitri denies him, stating that he isn't fooled by the way Osborn tricked the Americans and signs off.

In New York, Garment District, Natasha Romanoff walks out of her house to find the drawing of a black spider on her door, which her neighbors presume to be the work of Spider-Man. However, he looks around and sees Hill, with black paint on her hands on a nearby building.

Pepper arrives in Russia but is attacked by Tony, believing that she was sent by Osborn. She manages to bring him down but becomes concerned when he is unresponsive. Unknown to both of them, Madame Masque is watching them from afar.


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