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Tony Stark

Appearing in "World's Most Wanted, Part 9: Titan of the Nuclear Age"

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Synopsis for "World's Most Wanted, Part 9: Titan of the Nuclear Age"

At the Kirensk bunker, Whitney Frost has Tony pinned to the floor, babbling about what he's done to her and how much she loves him. Tony replies honestly that he still cares for her despite how insane she is. To the bound Pepper, being forced to watch is the real torture rather than the electric shocks Whitney gave her earlier. As Whitney continues to talk about running off together with Tony, Pepper remotely accesses her armor and powers up the repulsors. Whitney presses her mask against Tony's face, making burning noises, so they can be as alike on the outside as she feels they are in mind. The Rescue armor assembles itself and attacks, and begins to free Pepper. Its solar reserves are depleting. Whitney pulls a gun, but Tony kicks her down. She pushes the gun to Tony's temple, asking him to choose between her or Pepper, live or die. Without hesitation he chooses Pepper, and Whitney shoots for some fuel barrels, causing an explosion. Rescue shields Pepper from the fire. As they wake up, Whitney and Pepper quickly begin fighting again. Rescue pins Whitney against the wall while Pepper kisses Tony and helps him escape. Rescue runs out of power, and Whitney and Pepper go hand to hand.

At Natasha's flat, Maria Hill is feeling confused as remnants of the Controller's connection has left her with scrambled and foreign memories. They must make it to the rendezvous with Bucky, so Natasha encourages her to pull it together or Osborn wins. Later in the shower, Maria has flashbacks about the Controller, Natasha is worried about her, and helps her sleep with the help of both pills and breathing exercises. She takes a photo of the hard-drive to a hardware dealer to try to figure out what exactly they are risking their lives to protect. The man, Chen, can only tell her that it is a Stark drive that he wont be able to connect to any tech he has. As she leaves, he rats her out to Osborn.

At Avengers Tower, Osborn is working on the Iron Patriot armor, trying to figure out why he can't do it as well as Stark; lacking the repulsor generators. He's wondering why he hasn't heard back from Whitney Frost, but assures himself that she's okay, she can handle it professionally.

Tony sets course for Afghanistan, not knowing whether Pepper will be safe, he assures himself she'll be fine too.

Solicit Synopsis

WORLD'S MOST WANTED continues! Tony and Pepper, trapped in Tunguska by Madame Masque, play the ultimate game of truth or dare at the business end of a very loaded gun. Is Tony strong enough and smart enough to escape the clutches of a woman who burns to see him suffer? And halfway around the world, the Black Widow joins Maria Hill, and they summon the most good of all the good guys...CAPTAIN AMERICA! But is he willing to come to Tony's aid and rescue?


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  • As Whitney has her mask off all the while talking to Tony, the episode offers a rare glimpse of her scarred face, however it is only partially seen.

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