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Quote1 I can't believe this thing ever moved an inch, let alone saved my life. But you, Mr. Bright-and-shiny-- You're the key. Quote2
Tony Stark

Appearing in "Kids with Guns vs. the Eternal Angel of Death"

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Synopsis for "Kids with Guns vs. the Eternal Angel of Death"

Tony makes his way through the rocky terrain of Afghanistan to the lab where he and Ho Yinsen built the first Iron Man armor, unknown that he is being followed.

In New York, Avengers Tower, Black Widow and Maria Hill are imprisoned a cell apart, communicating by tapping on their walls. They are interrupted by Victoria Hand and Madame Masque checking on them.

Stark has finally managed to delete the Superhuman Registration Act database from his mind, before activating that the Iron Man Mark 0 armor. However, he is shot in the shoulder by two kids who followed him.

On the H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier, Christopher M. Walsh has located Stark's location through the activation of the armor's repulsor battery. He immediately reports this to Osborn, who is glad for this. He tells Walsh that he intends to march into Afghanistan in his Iron Patriot armor and kill Stark once and for all.

Stark looks behind him to see the two kids, holding a gun. Unable to understand their language, he activates the armor's translation subroutine to translate for him. Apparently, the kid not holding the gun is demanding to become a man of war just like him. Taking a look at his armor, Stark then turns back to the kids, saying no and has the gun's barrel pointed to his chin, demanding that they either kill him or leave. They hesitate, so he takes the gun and points it at them,, scaring them off, before he says the eternal angel of death forgives them. He then puts on his armor and flies off to Dubai.

On the Helicarrier, Victoria give the order to dissect the Crimson Dynamo armor they recovered from Stark's hideout. But apparently, the real Madame Masque was in it; Victoria is horrified by her disfigured face. In fact, Pepper has disguised as Madame Masque, freeing Black Widow and Hill and reveals that she has an escape plan. Already, her Rescue armor has uploaded a virus to the H.A.M.M.E.R. mainframe, taking control of all the armors on the Helicarrier. Nonetheless, Osborn goes out to kill Stark once and for all..

Solicit Synopsis

Tony hides out where it all began as Madame Masque's moment of triumph rings out across all the corners of Norman Osborn's empire. Black Widow and Maria Hill are trapped in the belly of the beast. Pepper's suit is in the possession of H.A.M.M.E.R. And when Stark's one last sloppy mistake gives up his location, it's Osborn himself that suits up and gets in the game. It all ends next issue, kids.


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