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Synopsis for "Into the White (Einstein On the Beach)"

In Avengers Tower, the doctors had reported to Victoria Hand that Madame Masque has a severe trauma being locked inside the Crimson Dynamo suit. Hand orders the building into lock-down to prevent Masque's impostor from escaping before Osborn finds out. Already, Pepper Potts, Black Widow and Maria Hill are attempting to sneak out, with Potts disguised as Masque escorting prisoners. Also, her Rescue suit has reported that H.A.M.M.E.R. hasn't cracked the Stark drive's encryption. Unfortunately, as the three women attempt to leave through the lobby, they find a brigade of H.A.M.M.E.R. troops waiting for them.

Over Pakistan, Osborn, in his Iron Patriot armor, asks his assistant Walsh on the Helicarrier to feed him Stark's coordinates. However, Walsh is purposely misleading him with false coordinates. Osborn tries calling Hand, but she is not responding. Growing aggravated that his own Deputy Director is too busy for him, the self-boasting man who beaten back the Skrull invasion, he causes an explosion on the ground.

Right in Iran, Stark is making mile jumps with his Iron Man Mark 0 armor, continuously trying to make it to Dubai.

Walsh's supervisor, Gormley realizes that he is misleading Osborn and has him arrested before taking over his position. Thus, Osborn soars off to catch up with his quarry. Just then, Hand gets on the line, informing him of the situation in the Towers. Osborn didn't seem a bit disturbed and is taking this news quite good.

Pepper uses the magnet in her chest to tear apart the bullets shot at them before the elevator doors close. They then split up; Widow and Hill get the drive while Pepper escapes.

Stark's suit has lost flight capability. He is so deep in thought and lacking a radar on his suit that he doesn't see Osborn coming, who attacks him brutally. He is determined to kill his foe and extract the information in his brain. Stark could only retaliate with flamethrowers and missiles on Osborn.

Widow and Hill, who has managed to get her mind straight, managed to steal back the drive. When they return to the ground, where H.A.M.M.E.R. soldiers are waiting, Hill demands to them why should they take orders from a madman like Osborn. Thus, they let them leave.

Pepper meets up with her armor and gets suited up. J.A.R.V.I.S. informs her that he has uplinked the Iron Patriot suit's footage to all the world's media. Thus, everyone around the world is seeing Osborn pummel Stark, who barely has the will to fight back. Stark simply says, "I win." Hand then contacts Osborn, informing him that the world is seeing him beat up Stark. If he kills him now, he'll only make a martyr out of the founding armored Avenger. Thus, Osborn has no choice but to take the world's most wanted man into custody.

On the Helicarrier, Dr.McGraw determines that Stark is in a vegetative state, having forgotten to even breathe. Realizing that information on the Superhuman Registration Act database in his mind is gone forever, Osborn orders Stark to be terminated. However, the doctor informs that under the H.A.M.M.E.R. charter, the Helicarrier is, in essence, a flying embassy, and therefore, under U.S. law, Stark has a living will and transferred his power of attorney to his personal physician, only decidable by Stark's doctor, Donald Blake.

Already, at a motel in Broxton, Oklahoma, Donald Blake receives a call. Standing next to him are Hill, Pepper, Black Widow and Captain America.

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