Quote1.png Tony Stark. Do you remember me? I'm Dr. Stephen Strange. I've come to show you the way out of this hole you're in. The world needs it's Iron Man. Quote2.png
-- Stephen Strange

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Thor and Cap have successfully restarted the repulsor generator in Tony's chest, but he remains unresponsive. Inside Tony's mind, he wakes up in the hut, now the glowing disc is in his chest here as well. Some floating, tentacled robots are at the door, questioning Howard and Maria if they have seen Tony Stark, but they deny they would ever so much as recognize the man. As they depart, the family remarks on the resemblance of Tony's chest and the chest plate, Tony comments that yeah, it's always a connection you never really see...

Pepper is waking up in her hospital bed, disappointed to hear the news from Hill. Despite danger to herself, she summons the effort to get up from the bed. The Ghost has managed to phone himself in, and interrogates Beth Sooner - Hill moves to her defense and Ghost escapes. They are compromised and will have to move Tony. Howard encourages Tony to put the chest plate on, but he refuses as it hurts to wear it. Maria and Howard have no recollection of him wearing it last time. The robots attack the house, trapping Howard and Maria with their metallic tentacles. Tony hides in the basement, his repulsor reactor lights up even more.

Maria Hill, Dr. Lisk and Mrs Sooner move Tony to a nearby school basement, Pepper is too weakened to help. Maria leaves on an errand. Steve returns with Dr Strange, who requires chalk, salt and candles to draw up a mandala for his 'medical' procedure. He enters Tony's mind in an attempt to wake him up, and finds Tony cowering in the basement.

Solicit Synopsis

The heart and soul of the Marvel Universe gathered to bring Tony back online...but when they flipped the switch, nothing happened. What do you do when the smartest man in the world is trapped inside his own subconscious? Doctor Donald Blake reaches out for a specialist...Doctor Strange! And meanwhile...the Ghost closes in,ready to assassinate Tony Stark once and for all.


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