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Quote1.png Has anyone... This hard drive that had his mind on it. The backup. Does anyone know how long ago he made it? There's data missing. There are things that Tony Stark quite simply doesn't know. Quote2.png
Doctor Lisk

Appearing in "Stark: Disassembled, Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Stark: Disassembled, Part 5"

In Tony Stark's subconscious, he and Doctor Strange are walking across a canyon. Stark is exhausted, though Strange reminds him that they are not really walking. He must convince his mind that he is someone worth living for if he is to come back to the real world. They then chance upon a massive city, preceded by a long flight of steps. Strange hears something, then disappears.

In the basement shelter, the Ghost readies his judgment on Stark, condemning him for his capitalism. But before he can shoot, Strange destroys his gun and engages him. Unfortunately, Ghost stabs him in the chest, then begins to choke Stark. Meanwhile, Stark sees an entire crowd of people he knew, dead people, including Happy Hogan and Ho Yinsen, all looking out into space. When he reaches the top of the steps, which is slippery, drenched in blood, he opens the doors to find his parents, dressed in exquisite clothing. They then demand that he take the seat in between theirs. He struggles for breath. Howard speaks to him about the Stark legacy, and on cue, the outside walls burst, blood washing over the dead people on the stairs.

Back in the real world, Maria Hill attacks the Ghost, kicking him away from Tony so he can breathe. However, she is unable to touch an intangible being, before her foe slides his hand into Stark's head. Pepper the shows up, calling to H.A.M.M.E.R. about their location and the Ghost's presence. Ghost thinks she's bluffing, Hill doesn't think so. Back in his mind, Stark refuses to comply the condescending voices of his parents, then they and everything else dissolves into darkness and blood. At his words "I chose my own path", a bring yellow circle of light shines, lifting him up. He returns to consciousness and uses the Ghost Phone to send his foe to Stark Industries in Seoul. He then asks what's going on.

As everyone recuperates, including Strange and Rhodey, only Stark is out of bed. Captain America is talking with Dr. Lisk, who informs him that the hard drive that carried a backup of Stark's mind may have been made years ago; ergo, there are sections of his life that he doesn't remember. Already, Stark is in the library, shocked at recent events, including Civil War, Cap's assassination, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s dissolution and him being a wanted fugitive.

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STARK: DISASSEMBLED comes to its conclusion! The Ghost vs. Maria Hill and Pepper Potts, alone inside an empty middle school! Tony Stark and Dr. Strange vs. the end of the world, alone inside the shattered recesses of Tony's once-great mind! After what might as well have been the entirety of the Marvel Universe coming together to get Iron Man back on his feet, can Tony himself run the last mile alone?What's left of a man after you take him apart?


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