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Tony Stark

Appearing in "Stark Resilient Part 1: Hammer Girls"

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Synopsis for "Stark Resilient Part 1: Hammer Girls"

Justine Hammer and her daughter Sasha, heads of Hammer Industries, demonstrate the newest in corporate security technology: Detroit Steel, a tall robotic exosuit that is very well equipped, as shown on video battling a group of corporate saboteurs. However, General Bruce Babbage doesn't see the suit any different than the other faulty machines Hammer Industries sold them. The women show that the suit is piloted by Lieutenant Doug Johnson III. Justine then attempts to sway the military people into purchasing various models of Detroit Steel, each that can endure a certain environment. However, one soldier states that Tony Stark is back.

In Broxton Oklahoma, Tony Stark is going over plans for a new Iron Man armor. He asks Pepper Potts, who is concerned about his well-being, about the state of Stark Industries. She answers "It's not... your company.. so much... any more."

At a hospital, Maria Hill is telling Rhodey how much Stark remembers from his brain reboot. Rhodey laments how much his old friend has forgotten, what he had done. After wishing that he could go ten minutes without 'Tony Stark." He then asks Hill about something good she did. She replies that Steve Rogers wants her to be part of the new Avengers team. She then asks Rhodey's question back at him. He answers that he's doing black-ops stuff.

Stark reviews how Ezekiel Stane crippled his repulsor production facilities. The only thing he has left is a helicopter and a few laptops. Stark then "rehires' her as his CEO of his new company, though he can't pay. He then goes to New York to seek out Reed Richards to help him create his new suit.

Meanwhile, Babbage yells at Justine for attempting to con him and advises her to leave war to the military and Stark. As they two parties drive away in their respective limos, the Hammers tells Johnson that the negotiation went horribly, to which the women start laughing. Johnson didn't understand and thought they were laughing at him, till they tell him that they are having Babbage play into their hands.

In New York, while forging the new armor, Richards and Stark discuss the new upgrades. Because his body can't survive or do anything with his new chest implant, therefore, the new suit has to be an upgrade to his Extremis modifications and take advantage of his entire being.

In Oklahoma City, Pepper has arranges a meeting with the military generals, to inform them that Stark Industries, for all intent and purposes, is broke. Just then, there is a sonic boom, before Stark arrives through the door. He then states that while he's rebuilding the company, Stark Industries will be withdrawing from weapons development. Babbage yells him, reminding him that Stark Industries that had kept America safe and asks whose side he is on. Stark answers that he's on his own. As the generals walk out, Babbage tells Stark that he's broke, so if he wants money, he should reconsider.

In Manassas, Virginia, there is an auction for decommissioned H.A.M.M.E.R. armaments. However, Justine quickly buys all of them.

Back in Broxton, Stark is helping with the rebuilding, when he sees Thor descend from the sky. The fellow Avengers have a talk. Stark apologizes to Thor for all of his sins, explaining that at the time, he believed that what he was doing was right. Thor remarks that that's the old friend he knows. He offers Asgard's treasuries to help him fund his company, which Stark declines, declaring that he will build it up piece by piece.

Later, Stark announces the title of his new company -- Stark Resilient. He then gives out a big speech detailing his repulsor implant and how other people envied it. He offers it to the worlds to help solve the fossil fuel problems in thirty years. If they don't, he'll put them all out of business

Up on the rooftop, Pepper berates Stark for making such an outlandish proposition. As she and Maria take off in a helicopter, Stark forms his new Iron Man armor around his body to take it for a spin.

In Pakistan, the Hammers receive word about Stark's proposition. They then get a call from Babbage, who wants to purchase Detriot Stee. Justine agrees to it, before meeting with a few Pakistani guerrillas.

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  • Also contains a four-page article, with concept sketches, explaining the evolution of the new Iron Man armor.

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