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Quote1.png This isn't the first time in my life I've done things I clearly thought were amazing at the time only to come to and find I'd actually laid waste to my life. Quote2.png
Tony Stark

Appearing in "Stark Resilient Part 2: Visionary Men"

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  • Marc (Only appearance, dies)




Synopsis for "Stark Resilient Part 2: Visionary Men"

In Akron, Ohio, the Spymaster is delivering any incriminating evidence to a man named Marc, in exchange for some new technology. But once he's done, he kills Marc.

Meanwhile, the Hammers are showcasing Detroit Steel to Pakistani guerrillas, as well as selling to them the H.A.M.M.E.R. weapons surplus, all based on old StarkTech. The only reason the Hammers are selling is because they are influencing more strife.

In Broxton, Oklahoma, Tony Stark explains to Maria Hill that everything about Iron Man is in the very flash drive he gave her. It is meant to be given to Captain America, but he doesn't elaborate further than that. It is need-to-know for Cap. He then tells her an anecdote about a mistake he made with another woman. The lesson of the story is that he believes that what he has done was for the greater good and he'd do it all again. Hill then walks out on him

Stark contacts Carson Wyche, a former employee of his whom he fired after presenting a new type of PDA twelve years ago. Wyche currently runs a company that manufactures electric cars, and Stark wants to be his partner in using repulsor energy to help power his cars.

Rhodey interrupts their meeting to inform Stark of a shipment of crates being delivered, courtesy of Steve Rogers. Changing into his Iron Man armor, Stark tears apart one crate to find the battered-up Mark 0 suit inside. Also, several other shipments have been sent.

Meanwhie, Spymaster is torching Marc's office. He then spots Justine's helicopter touching down. Disembarking, Justine offers up a ton of cash to take down Stark Resilient while the company's getting on its feet.

Up to nine Iron Man armors have been recovered, including the Mark 0. Stark then prepares to melt them down.

Solicit Synopsis

In the wake of this summer's hit IRON MAN 2, the brand-new storyline STARK: RESILIENT continues! The Hammer Girls unleash DETROIT STEEL on a world hardly ready for that much metal and chrome, and God help anyone that gets in his way. Tony keeps sifting through the ashes of his old life and tries to rebuild who he is and what he does. Rhodey struggles to be a man of war in a peacetime empire. And, oh yeah -- more of that amazing new suit of armor…


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