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Quote1.png Watching you, in your tuxedo, in the middle of a gala, is a bit like watching a predator in his natural environment stalking prey. You'll be fine. Quote2.png
Pepper Potts

Appearing in "Stark Resilient Part 5: Predators and Prey in their Natural Environments"

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  • Stark's car

Synopsis for "Stark Resilient Part 5: Predators and Prey in their Natural Environments"

Pepper has recovered from her medical surgery and is greeted by Rhodey. Meanwhile, Tony is arguing with Maria in the hospital waiting room.

In a Hammer Industries facility, Justine Hammer is showing Col. Johnson his backup force, a group of fighter drones. Sasha is instructing a group of people to pilot the drones remotely, making them believe it is a mobile experience.

Tony takes Pepper to the armory to see her new Rescue armor he built for her. Pepper asks for permission to wear it and Tony agrees, telling her that the party is on Friday night in Seattle. Pepper accepts the invitations and takes the armor to fly around the world.

Later, Tony, Arbogast and the hires meet in a Wyche automotive facility in Seattle. There, Tony tells the hires that they will build two cars in six weeks until the 21-Green International Expo starts.

In the Pentagon, Rhodey speaks to General Babbage, telling him that he believes that the Hammer girls are planning something. He also says that he would like War Machine under the Pentagon's supervision in case something goes bad. However, General Babbage refuses.

Later, Tony and Rhodey attend to the party and see that Pepper also came. Tony and Pepper try to kiss, but the electromagnets in their chests repel them. Pepper notes that the Hammer girls have come. Tony goes to meet them and kisses Sasha on the hand. This makes Tony and Sasha leave the party together.

Solicit Synopsis

When you think of the greatest mechanized hero of the modern era, only two words come to mind: DETROIT STEEL. You wanted the best? You got the best. But the best comes at a price. Meanwhile Pepper Potts is on the road to recovery, but nothing is free from complication in Tony Stark's world -- and this one's a doozy, even if it means the debut of an all-new RESCUE. The Pentagon keep shutting War Machine out, and the new offices of Stark Resilient let everyone in for a big coming-out party...with special guests Justine and Sasha Hammer.


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