Quote1.png How do I feel, Tony? Invincible. Quote2.png
-- Pepper Potts

Appearing in "The Five Nightmares (Part III) - Pepper Potts at the End of the World"

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Synopsis for "The Five Nightmares (Part III) - Pepper Potts at the End of the World"

Ezekiel Stane's suicide bombers blow up the Starkdynamics building in Taipei, China. Through the flames, Iron Man can see Ezekiel sneering at him. He hasn't time to deal with him now though. His top priority is assisting the rescue workers. Pepper Potts is pulled free from the wreckage but she is in critical condition. Tony makes sure that Pepper receives the best medical care possible. Intent on going back for Stane, he then patches a communiqué to Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hill warns him that he has no legal cause to arrest Stane as there is no solid evidence linking him to the explosion.

Ezekiel meanwhile, escapes the explosion of his own accord, but is badly burned. The stolen StarkTech implants in his body enable him to block out the pain, but they have trouble compensating for excessive heat. He needs to implement more upgrades to get the implants to work to his satisfaction. He hooks up with his assistant Sasha and goes into hiding.

Later, Tony Stark consults Pepper's surgical consultant. He tells him that pieces of shrapnel are lodged between Pepper's heart and spine. They cannot risk a complex surgery without substantial risk to her life. Tony provides the surgical staff with the means to outfit Pepper with a magnetic stabilizer disk, similar to the one that once saved Tony Stark's life. The operation is a success and Pepper awakens. She is weak and tired, but otherwise feels "invincible".

Afterward, Tony dons his armor and flies back to China to survey the wreckage of Stark Dynamics. A squad of armored suited soldiers descend from the sky and announce that Iron Man does not have any authority on Chinese soil and that he is to surrender himself immediately. After quickly scanning his opponents' armor, he realizes that these are drone suits operated via remote control. He flies off and the Chinese robot armors trail after him. Once he gets into international waters he can destroy the armored combatants without risk of igniting an international incident.

Still later, Ezekiel Stane develops a complex uniform designed to evenly distribute excessive thermal energy across his body. He now feels that he is ready to kill Tony Stark himself.


  • This issue shipped with an alternate cover illustrated by Travis Charest.
  • Includes flashbacks of Iron Man's final battle with Obadiah Stane from Iron Man #200.

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