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Sasha Hammer

Appearing in "Stark Resilient Part 6: Tony, We Don't Want to Destroy You"

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  • Stark's car (Destruction)
  • Repulsor car (Only appearance, destruction)

Synopsis for "Stark Resilient Part 6: Tony, We Don't Want to Destroy You"

As they drive throughout Seattle, Tony and Sasha talk with each other. Tony considers crashing the car, saying that his life would be easier if Sasha was dead. Sasha merely tries to seduce Tony, who instead continues driving the car.

Meanwhile, Pepper is at the party, politely entertaining the guests - but her mind is miles away.

Tony explains to Sasha about his newest Iron Man armor, and how he can see the road ahead with the lenses on his knuckles. He tells her that he knows she is Ezekiel Stane's partner in crime, and that he also knows Stane enhanced Sasha with technological powers. Sasha activates the enhancements inside her body and crashes the car. Tony activates his Iron Man armor and stands ready to fight.

Iron Man and Sasha fight, and Pepper finally locates them after listening to police frequencies with her enhancements. She leaves the party to get in the Rescue suit.

As they fight, Sasha uses her new powers to destroy a passing car. She then throws Iron Man to the ground, but he transforms his arm into a large repulsor cannon, blasting her. Rescue arrives, saying that she saved the driver. Iron Man and Rescue prepare to fight, but Sasha picks up her shoes and leaves.

The next day, Tony and Pepper prepare to test the new repulsor-powered car.

Meanwhile, Justine berates her daughter for failing, and says they will have to use their contact inside Stark Resilient. Then, several people activate their Detroit Steel app, Pimacher of Stark Resilient included, unaware that they're actually flying real military drones. Annoyed by the distraction, Tony grabs Pimacher's phone and tosses it away.

Tony prepares to drive the car, but as he starts, the car explodes...

Solicit Synopsis

The only thing more shocking than the first three pages are the last three pages! It’s the meeting 30 issues in the making: Tony Stark and Sasha Hammer, at long last, face to face. The gang at Stark Resilient burn the midnight oil against an impossible deadline -- but if they don't get Project Daylight off the ground they're doomed before they start. They're not the only one manufacturing their world-changer, though -- the Hammer Girls are building an army of drone bombers as air support for Detroit Steel!


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