Quote1.png Yes. Yes, I did. And it was as mean and pretty and venal a thing as I've ever done. And only you and I knew about it. Quote2.png
-- Tony Stark

Appearing in "Stark Resilient, Part 7: Sabot"

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  • Repulsor Car Model II (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Stark Resilient, Part 7: Sabot"

Tony survives the car's explosion by putting on his Iron Man armor. He then tells Pepper to go to his office. As Pepper arrives, Tony writes the word "Sabot" on the window of his office. But Pepper doesn't understand what Tony means to say. Argobast comes in and tells Tony to watch the news. As he turns on the TV, Tony watches as a reporter gives his opinion about suspending Stark Expo indefinitely, given the fact that they can't ensure that the guests will be safe. Turning off the TV, Tony tells Pepper to bring in the audience to the factory. As he leaves, Pepper asks Tony about the word on the window, but Tony shows a phrase he wrote on his hand, "We're doomed."

Tony meets up with Wyche, who tells him that the car was rigged, but Tony says that he knows that. His armor was giving him information before the crew ensured he was okay. Tony then asks Wyche why did he fire him. Wyche replies that it was because of Pepper. Tony then tells his plans of bringing the audience to the factory since the Stark Expo was cancelled.

In Hammer Industries, Justine meets with Sasha and Doug Johnson. Justine tells them that Stark has cancelled the expo, and that means that he knows they're coming for him. Justine still berates Sasha for attacking Tony, and requests Detroit Steel. Johnson refuses, saying that attacking Stark Resilient would cause collateral damage. Still, Justine doesn't care about that, saying that if one hundred dead civilians means Detroit Steel becoming a better Iron Man than Iron Man ever was, then it's a worthwhile sacrifice,which Johnson reluctantly accepts.

In the Stark Resilient factory, Tony prepares to drive the second car, although he is unsure that the car will hold together.

Meanwhile, Pimacher plays the Detroit Steel game and realizes that the game map is Stark Resilient factory. Just as Pimacher is about to warn Tony and Pepper, a missile hits him and an army of drones begins to attack the factory.

Solicit Synopsis

The Seattle Tech Expo opens and Stark Resilient unveils their masterpiece to the world...and all hell breaks loose. The explosions don't stop until our double-sized finale to STARK RESILIENT! Buckle your seat belts -- it's going to be an explodey night.


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