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Quote1.png Fifty-eight people, Stane. Fifty-eight more people dead in my name because of you... because of me. Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "The Five Nightmares (Part V) - Code Black"

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Synopsis for "The Five Nightmares (Part V) - Code Black"

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, knows that Ezekiel Stane has targeted five critical Stark Industries plants in five different locales. Tony tries to find Stane via a tracker virus that he uploaded into stolen Stark technology, but thus far he has been unsuccessful. Coordinating his tactics with both Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D. and S.I.'s Pepper Potts, he initiates a code-black evacuation order of all the facilities and plants.

Taking a gamble, Iron Man flies to S.I.'s plant in Valencia, Spain, but he is too late. Unable to find Stane, he fails to prevent the villain from setting off a series of explosions that levels the facility, leaving fifty-eight people dead.

Iron Man begins exploring the sub-levels beneath the ruins and eventually finds Ezekiel clad in his own power armor. The two come to blows and Tony is surprised of the massive amount of power that Ezekiel has available to him. Tony sprays Stane with a cloud of nanosprites designed to shut down his opponent's lungs. Stane is no longer entirely human however, and the tactic proves ineffective. Stane flies up above him and releases a powerful blast of energy down upon his foe. Iron Man registers the damage to his armor and reboots his systems. He uses his boot jets to keep Stane at bay. Stane eventually gets the upper hand on Tony and beats him down into the ground. After removing his own helmet, he criticizes Tony harshly then follows up his taunt with a repulsor blast that seemingly decapitates the armored Avenger.


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