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Iron Man

Appearing in "The Five Nightmares (Epilogue) - Clifton Pollard"

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Synopsis for "The Five Nightmares (Epilogue) - Clifton Pollard"

At the Front Line office, Ben Urich is scurrying about looking for a photographer to accompany him to do a piece about Tony Stark. Peter Parker happens to show up, so Urich grabs him and they head out to Long Island. They attend Stark's press conference wherein he discusses the recent attacks against Stark Industries perpetuated by Ezekiel Stane as well as Stark's potential culpability in the recent Skrull invasion.

Afterward, Stark changes to Iron Man and attempts to help out some former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents clean up some wreckage at one of their facilities. Stark's armor is still not quite up to snuff since the Skrulls have already compromised his StarkTech and he falls into the water, causing more of a hindrance than a help.

Shortly thereafter, Iron Man finds Spider-Man. Iron Man tells him that he is still trying to track down a list of people who may have purchased StarkTech on the black market. Spidey wants to help him out, but Iron Man turns him down, citing that since he is still unregistered, he is acting unlawfully. Spider-Man is undeterred however, and short of direct violence, there is little Iron Man can do to prevent him from tagging along.

Iron Man tracks learns that one of the people who recently purchased the black market technology was Phineas Mason, aka, the Terrible Tinkerer. Iron Man goes to Jersey City to confront him, and amazingly Spider-Man manages to track him down. Phineas tries to escape via his rocket-powered wheelchair, but the heroes easily nab him.

Iron Man then goes to Teaneck, New Jersey where he tries to arrest Jackson Wheele - the Big Wheel. Once again, Spider-Man arrives only minutes behind him. Jackson tries to escape and charges the heroes inside his giant Big Wheel. Spider-Man gums up the machine's gears with web fluid while Iron Man brings the juggernaut to a halt.

Iron Man flies back to Long Island to the mansion of a man named Mister Gross. As expected, Spider-Man arrives only seconds later. Iron Man is floored and asks him how he keeps managing to find him. Spider-Man reveals that he planted a Spider-Tracer on him and Tony is impressed that Spidey could develop a tracer that would be masked by his armor's sensors. Iron Man changes into civilian attire and finds Mister Gross inside the mansion. Gross is a collector of super-hero paraphernalia and offers little resistance. He begs Stark not to take his collection away from him.

Afterward, Iron Man is exhausted. He takes a moment to reflect on his responsibilities, and Spider-Man catches the perfect shot photo for the Front Line newspaper.


  • This issue shipped on November 5th, 2008.
  • The events from this issue take place after Secret Invasion #8.

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