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Iron Man

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Synopsis for 1st story

Mary Jane Watson witnesses as the confrontation between Iron Man, Victor von Doom, and Madame Masque potentially ruins her entire life with the damage of her newest club. The two allies try to contain Madame Masque in mix of energy and magic force-fields to neutralize her, but she takes hold of Doom and soon starts compromising Iron Man's armor.

Whitney breaks free from the force field and pounces upon a weakened Iron Man. He tries to convince her to stop, because she's abusing of powers she can't fully control, but Madame Masque ignores Tony's pleas. Iron Man is saved by Mary Jane, who catches Masque off-guard and whacks her with a microphone stand, causing her mask to fall off. As Victor gets back on his feet, and Iron Man's armor finally gets back online, Whitney's face is revealed to show symptoms of demonic possession, namely sharpened teeth and glowing eyes. Whitney tries to jump on Tony, but he takes of his armor off to encase her in it, trapping her.

Victor starts exorcising the demon, and Whitney's body begins to contort and deform. After one failed attempt, Tony holds Whitney down using the armor's repulsors, and Victor is finally able to free her from the possession. Mary Jane witnesses from outside how her club is destroyed in the process.

Tony wakes up after having fallen unconscious, and finds Whitney safe and sound next to him. Doctor Strange soon arrives at the scene, after having been called by Friday. He takes Whitney with him, to fix her metaphysically, and then hand her over to S.H.I.E.L.D.. Tony also informs him of Doom's help, who had left the scene some time ago. When Tony thanks Stephen for his help, he tells him that he had to, as they were "Awesome Facial Hair Bros," after all.

Three days later, Tony Stark approaches Mary Jane Watson in Grant Park while she's mourning the loss of her club and the ruin of her career. She initially mistakes Tony's friendliness for flirting, but he clarifies her that he's seeing someone, and has decided to approach MJ for another purpose. Tony asks Mary Jane to work for him, and then flies away after asking her to consider his offer.

Solicit Synopsis

• The big finale to our big first storyline. Cards are turned over. Truths are revealed. Tony’s life is turned upside down!


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