Iolaus was Hercules' nephew[1] and his shield-bearer.[2]

A brained boy, he assisted him during his second Labor, in Lerna, south of Argos, against the Lernean Hydra.[1]

As for each head cut off, two replaced it, Iolaus realized that by cauterizing the Hydra's wounds, the heads didn't grew back, and they managed to kill the monster that way.[1]

In 1248 B.C.,[2] after Hercules got poisoned by Hydra's blood (after wearing the shirt of Centaur Nessus whom he had killed using a Hydra blood-poisoned arrow), Iolaus built a funeral pyre for Hercules, for him to end his suffering by throwing himself upon it,[1][2] the flames burning the poison out of him.[3]

Iolaus was in some ways replaced (as the genius boy assisting Hercules) by Amadeus Cho, and when Hercules hallucinated from having been shot by Ares using Hydra blood-filled bullets, he confused them both.[1]

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