Victor von Doom developed this edged weapon that looked like a knife with its blade covered with energy. Doom could use it to cut objects or to fire a short-range bolt of ionic energy. The ionic blade could be hidden in the right gauntlet of Doctor Doom's Armor.[1][2] Unfortunately it had limited power and became useless after not many uses.[1] Doom decided to build several units of this item, keeping one at each of his several castles.[2]

Doctor Doom used this device in combat against the Red Skull in the surface of the moon. The Skull, who had looted Doom's castle and taken another Ionic Blade, also had the advantage of an aerial single-person craft with a force field and he had already damaged Doom's armor. Doom however noticed that the force field did little to protect the belly of the Skull's vehicle: He took the Ionic Blade and cut through that part when the Skull approached him, thus destroying the vehicle and exhausting the power of the Blade in the process. The Skull's helmet was slightly cracked in the crash. However, the Skull revealed another Ionic Blade and bolted Doom, damaging his armor's chest plate. Doom protected himself with another of his devices, the Freeze-Unit, then wrestled the Skull. Doom led the Skull's bolts away, causing a landslide that buried the Skull, leaving the Blade away from his hand. Doom however had escaped the collapse; seeing that the Skull was trying to get the Blade, Doom kicked it out of his reach. He then left the Skull there, for his air supply to exhaust.[1]

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