Iprah was a talk show host, who was being investigated by journalist Splatter Gomorrah who thought was was a franchise marketing machine. While he was on her show with Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler, Iprah merged with the demon-angel hybrid Deuteronomy.

Deuteronomy (Earth-616) from Howard the Duck Vol 3 5 0002

Iprah under the posession of Deuteronomy

Their fusion burning the flesh off her audience, who remained as vapid and supportive as ever. Gabriel, Deuteronomy's creator, sent another angel to awaken Sigmund Freud the Saint of Therapists to defeat her. Back at the studio Iprah continued preaching but Howard the Duck was able to resist her persuasion and was able to hold his own against her power till Freud arrived. He tried using psychology to defeat her, but she blasted a hole in his chest killing him. Howard then picked up the Saint's Cigar and used it to blast Deuteronomy out of Iprah killing her.[1]

A parody of another talk-show host and TV personality Oprah Windfrey.

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