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Iqa was the warrior queen of the Wugin, living peacefully in their planet until the alien terrorist Mercurio planted a piece of technology in a volcano that caused it to erupt, pitting the Wugin in a war against the Underdwellers.

Iqa initially attacked Flash Thompson when he landed on their planet. But as soon as he made clear his intention to put an end to the conflict, Iqa decided to help him, while promising to kill him if he was lying.

Flash and Iqa made their way though the Underdwellers, and Thompson jumped into the volcano and destroyed the mysterious device, which restored the environment of Iqa's planet. Iqa kissed Thompson after helping him get out of the volcano, and offered him to stay in her husband's stable, but he refused.[1]

When Thompson confronted Mercurio, he enlisted the help of the Wugin in fighting his armada. The heroes were victorious, and Iqa decided to temporarily leave her people behind and accompany Thompson and his allies in order to make a name for herself.[1]

After helping Flash subdue his symbiote, which had gone rogue,[2] Iqa and other three allies of Venom, Pik and Hilla Rollo, and Tarna adventured to the planet Wenb in the search for a purifying elixir to cleanse a portion of the Venom symbiote which had remained on Earth and took the name of Mania. During this journey, they encountered the Space Knights,[3] a group which Iqa and other allies of Venom would join once the elixir was delivered to Mania and Venom had decided to stay behind with it and its host Andi Benton.[4]

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