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When Ram-Os was a tribal wizard of the Atlantean Sea-Mountain tribe, he warned his tribe leader about the coming of a child who would rule over all of the Thurian continent. He was ordered to kill the kid's mother when she was about to bring him to life. However, she had twins: a boy and a girl. Ram-Os tried to save them both but in the end managed to save only the girl. He trained her hard because he thought much of her unique destiny and prospects. However, one day years later he accidentaly discovered the other child growing up amongst a pack of tigers. He trained him also, but without letting him know about his sister's fate. That man would become Kull and the girl Iraina.

Many years later, Kull met Iraina for the first time at a wedding ceremony held by King Governi of Thule, for the marriage of his daughter Elise with Rashver, son of the King of Verulia. At that time Iraina was the chief guard of Ku-Var, self-proclaimed ruler of Atlantis, having betrayed her own tribe to Ku-Var and gained the tyrant's favor. The absolute ruler picked her to fight Brule in a friendly challenge of champions. The Pict hesitated in battling a woman, but Iraina's taunts frustrated him and he lost.

Some days later, Iraina killed Ku-Var who sexually offended her and made an army out of women, leading them into battle with devastating effects. These women warriors apparently under Iraina's spell could convert themselves into mighty tigresses and beat any army that opposed them. While her female army invaded the Thurian Continent, conquering the kingdoms of Thule, Kamelia, Verulia, and Zarfhaana, Iraina visited Kull in his dreams and caused him terrible nightmares. In Verulia she was visited by the Valusian traitor Kaanub, who helped her meet King Kull.

Once arrived in the City of Wonders, Kull promised her a formal meeting within an hour. Without knowing about her true origin, he was however attracted by Iraina, but she ordered her royal tiger Kel-Jar to attack him. Brule then entered the scene, helping to kill the tiger and telling Kull of Iraina's true nature. She tried to kill him and, thanks to the powers given by Ja-Quari the Tiger God, transformed herself into a tigress, but Kull prevailed and killed her by twisting and breaking her neck. Then the spell which had helped her army take animal form was broken and the women regained their true form, ending the battle.[1]

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