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Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a sovereign state in Western Asia. It is bordered to the northwest by Armenia and Azerbaijan; to the north by Kazakhstan and Russia across the Caspian Sea; to the northeast by Turkmenistan; to the east by Afghanistan and Pakistan; to the south by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman; and to the west by Turkey and Iraq. It's capital and largest country is Tehran.


Ancient History

Circa 10,000 BCE a group of people called the Iranis existed. They came from the Hyrkanian steppes as shepherds.

The 18th largest country in the world, Iran is approximately the size of the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Germany combined. It has a population of over seventy million people.

Modern Age

When the alchemist known as Diablo first resurfaced he offered his alchemal powers to the highest bidder. The Shah of Iran paid a large sum for Diablo to use his power to turn a desert region in his country into a lush paradise. Diablo complied, but the results only proved temporary.[1]

When the Phoenix Five proclaimed Pax Utopia and outlawed war, the Stepford Cuckoos were sent to cancel their nuclear program, performing memory rewriting on Iranian officials, possibly on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.[2]

The Inhuman Royal family attacked the Latverian Embassy in Iran to find their missing family member.[3]

Alternate Realities

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

As Vampires attacked New York Triskelion, Captain America used Thor's hammer to teleport the facility in the middle of the Iranian desert, engaging a crisis with the local government.[4]

In his plot to take down dictatorial regimes, Gregory Stark simultaneously equipped North Korean and Iranian rebels with the Super-Soldier Serum. As the Avengers and Ultimates were pre-occcupied in battle with hundred of Korean super-soldiers, "fifty freedom fighters" led a revolt in Iran. These super-powered Iranians supported fellow democratic rebels and took down the Iranian regime in power in Tehran. The "freedom fighters" executed the old "party leadership" establishing democracy. This new government was noticeably more American-friendly. As a token of good will, the United States donated the Triskelion to the new government.[5]

Points of Interest


  • Triskelion, the original one, teleported in desert outisde of Tehran.


The Living Humongous Menhir was a native of Iran in Earth-9047 (The Humorverse).[6]

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