Ire of the First Heath of the Clan-Tribe of Bone was an ancient goddess worshiped during the Crua-Before-The-Ice.[1] (seemingly the Neolithic, before the Ice Age).

Modern Era

Ire contacted Hercules apartment to ask for help, as a trap. Herc's flatmate Gilgamesh answered the phone to explain he was away on a quest. He went in his stead but was attacked by Ire and her Urgeld. She planned to use his blood in a sacrifice to save the world from the "usurper gods", the Uprising Storm.[5] She drained his blood but he was rescued by Hercules, and the two battled until they were interrupted by the new gods who taunted them and then blew up the building with everyone inside.[1] They all survive but badly injured Ire dragged Gilgamesh to safety explaining that her blood sacrifice had reduced their power. They battled the New Gods, but they are far more powerful, a group of Centaurs arrived to help defeat them but they just teleported away.[2] Hercules invited Ire and the others back to his apartment where they shared dinner together toasting the battle.[3]

Gods of War

After another defeat in battle, Ire and the others convinced Hercules to form a team of godly heroes to defeat the new gods.[6] Hercules contacted his friends from accross the globe for a meeting of the "Gods of War". He brought them to New York City to battle the Uprising Storm. But before the meeting could end the Uprising Storm attacked.[7]


Ire has displayed the following powers as far:

  • Superhuman strength: She could strike Hercules.[1]
  • Superhuman durability: Gilgamesh hurt his hand when hitting her.[1]
  • Immortality or extended longevity: Ire seems still young despite being born about ten thousands of years ago.[1]

Ire likes sharp things, such as blades.[3]

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