Irellis was a member of the Inhuman community of Utolan.[2]

She was born after her sister's Terrigenesis ceremony in which she had died, prohibiting Irellis from ever undergoing the change.[1]


She fell in love with Dijyen, himself having lost his older brother in Terrigenesis and being forbidden as well from benefiting from it.[1]

Before their marriage could be approved by the Maternal Council of Elders, she became pregnant. The Council approved that union, despite worry about their bloodlines, presumed to not be able to support Terrigenesis.[1]

Dijyen refused to risk Ikelli at Terrigenesis. When Irellis told her she was pregnant again, he lost his faith. Refusing to risk the infant life, Dijyen took Jaycen after the delivery and fled away.[1]

Her faith unshaken, Irellis did present Ikelli to the Council for Terrigenesis, which was incredibly painful for her, and she then went into training and service with the Champions.[1]


Since that moment, Irellis worked to earn her place among the Maternal Council of Elders in order to get to spend time more with her daughter.[1]

Jaycen's return

Upon Jaycen rediscovering his birth home, he came in contact with his long lost mother as Irellis ran out to hug him. Later on she introduced his older sister to him.[2]



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