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Irene Adler fled America and establish Avalon, a refuge for humans and mutants located in a temperate zone hidden in Antarctica, away from Apocalypse's violence. There she lived in relative peace with her adopted son Doug Ramsey and the pacifist monk Cain Marko.

When the young mutant Switchback came to Avalon she met with Irene. Upon taking the young girl's hand, Irene's mutant precognitive abilities showed her visions of Avalon burning.[1] Shortly thereafter, Irene's former love Mystique and her son Nightcrawler came seeking Irene as part of Magneto's mission to repair their fractured reality. They inadvertently led Apocalypse's Pale Riders to Avalon as well. Even after Nightcrawler killed Deadman Wade and Damask defected from the Pale Riders, Irene still refused to leave Avalon.[2] This changed when they were attacked by the Shadow King who used his telepathic powers to slaughter everyone in Avalon including Doug, before he was destroyed by Damask. Irene agreed to go with the heroes in order to avenge the death of her people.[3]

Nightcrawler brought Irene to the X-Men's hideout at the Xavier estate to learn that Magneto and the shard of the M'kraan Crystal had been taken by Apocalypse and joined the X-Men in rescuing both.[4] In the final battle in Apocalypse's citadel, Irene accompanied Bishop and Illyana Rasputina in travelling into the M'Kraan Crystal. Inside the crystal Irene's powers flared up, revealing that Bishop's claims of a better reality existing had Charles Xavier had not died were true. She coached Illyana in using her mutant powers to send Bishop back in time to prevent Legion from slaying Xavier.[5] While Bishop was successful and the Earth-616 reality was restored, Earth-295 endured.

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