Irene was a citizen of Genosha. When she foresaw Apocalypse's attack on Genosha, she escaped into the Savage Land jungle. After freeing Genosha from Apocalypse, the X-Men and the Brotherhood went to the Savage Land in hopes of finding Beast, who was abducted by Apocalypse. According to Pyro, as soon as they got there Mystique spoke to Ka-Zar and then headed off into the jungle. When a team went to see what she is up too, she revealed that she was searching for Irene. The team and Mystique encountered Garokk after some time searching, who was looking for Destiny himself so he could give her to Apocalypse. After defeating Garokk, Destiny came out of some bushes nearby. After asked if she is alright, Destiny said that her arm was injured while hiding from Garokk. She informed the team that she overheard Garokk say Beast is being held in a Nuwali Temple and suggested for them to talk to Shanna about it. Mystique saw Destiny's injury and said that if the X-Men did this to her she would have their heads. Destiny stated that she's fine and that she just requires a bit of medical attention. They all headed back to Avalon. Destiny later got a most disturbing vision of the future. It told of death, defeat and betrayal. She saw the death of Beast and that Apocalypse would defeat a large army and claim victory. She also saw that someone was going to betray them, but it was unknown who.


Precognition: Destiny has the mutant ability to tell the future.

Irene appears as a non-playable character in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse.

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