The sons of an Asgardian palace guard and the powerful sorceress Enchantress, Iric and his brother, Alvi, were raised by their father alone on Asgard.[3]

They were also close to Loki Laufeyson, who accompanied them when they joined Dr. Strange's Academy for young magic practitioners.[2][4]

Iric was paired with Doyle Dormammu as his roommate, a relationship that had been rocky from the start.[2] When Iric arrived late to Magik's class, instead of apologizing, he made some cocky remarks and got himself cast to Hell; Doyle Dormammu dropped a sarcastic comment in front of the whole class and was sent there as well, where they spent the whole day fighting against demons for their lives.[5]

Their relationship had no signs of improvement until Doyle found out that Enchantress was Iric's mother and decided to help him keep this secret from Emily Bright, who they both had a crush on.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Asgardian Physiology: Due to his Asgardian physiology, it is assumed Iric possesses various superhuman attributes common among his kind.

In addition to that, he also possesses some magical attributes such as:

  • Mystical Energy Blasts: Iric can project powerful beams of concussive force.[2][6]

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