A tenant of the building in Hell's Kitchen where Mr. Okonkwo, aka T'Challa, goes to live, welcomes him and offers to help him given that he is new to the city.[1]

Working as a social worker, he looked after Alec Nantakarn after his father was killed.[2]

Iris met Mr. Okonkwo on his way home and offered to help after hearing about an employee's accident but still got a refusal.[3]

Iris got advice about his attentions towards Mr. Okonkwo from Sofija who told her that he was not available, as his life was complicated. Immediately afterwards he goes to the house of Samantha, a child who received abuse and returned in the night to kill both parents.[4]

Iris was about to be captured by the Black Panther but thanks to the involvement of Gabriel Dinu and, unwittingly of Luke Cage, she managed to escape.[5]

Iris along with Gabe Dinu, met Vlad the Impaler while he was fighting with the Black Panther. She was bent on killing Vlad, but Gabe intervened by trapping her with his powers to help her father. After the Black Panther defeated Vlad, Iris attempted to escape but was stopped and stunned by Sofija, and then she was arrested for her crimes.[6]



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