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Before humanity started bounding books, Shuma-Gorath, Skelos, Vathelos and others created iron-bound books.[7]

It has been also stated that the Iron-Bound Book of Skelos had (possibly)[8] been compiled by Vathelos the Blind,[9][1] during the Hyborian Age.[8] It was also stated that the Book of Skelos and the Book of Vathelos shared an uncertain relation.[10]

The Iron-Bound Book of Skelos (sometimes presented as the Iron-Bound Books of Skelos)[2] contained the most fearsome magic-lore on Earth, secrets from wizards already old in the early days of Atlantis.[11] (See "Content of the Book of Skelos")

Hyborian Age

During the Hyborian Age, only a few copies of the Book of Skelos were known to exist, all closely guarded.

  • All those were allegedly complete, save for one,[11] Thoth-Amon's,[12] from which a page was stolen and ended up in the Temple of a Thousand Gods of Messantia, Argos.[11]
  • Tosya Zul possessed one page of the Book of Skelos, which was the only magical writing he took with him in his fleeing of Zamboula.[13]
  • Shu-Onoru possessed the iron-bound book of Skelos, which was one of the tomes his slave Zula read to gain magical knowledge.[14]
  • Ranephi possessed it, among other tomes of eldritch knowledge, but burned them as his end drew near, to prevent this knowledge to fall in the hands of peasants and barbarians.[15]
  • According to Thoth-Amon, another incomplete,[16] (or nigh-complete according to Karanthes)[17] copy was present in Kheshatta, City of Magicians, one complete existed within the Aquilonian Librarium.
  • According to Thoth-Amon, another copy was in a secret temple in Vendhya.
  • One complete, reptile-bound, copy existed on the Nameless Isle, in the Western Sea, on a an altar to Tsathoggua the Toad-God, and was brought by Zarono and Menkara to Thoth-Amon, who was much disliked by the present, as the altar stored the Cobra Crown, a far more valuable artifact.[16]
  • Another wizard named Karanthes, high priest of Azoth, either possessed a copy of the Book of Skelos, or somehow accessed to its content relative to Azoth.[18]

6th Century

Merlin possessed a copy of the ironbound Book of Skelos in Camelot, but traded it with the time-travelling Professor Gamble for the Starstone.[19]


The Iron-Bound Book of Skelos contained the most fearsome magic-lore on Earth, secrets from wizards already old in the early days of Atlantis.[11]

It contained descriptions of the grim Monsters of the Marsh,[20] and the horned Nightgaunts.[21]

It also described the requirements needed to be met in order to ensure the return of Azoth, the Dreaming God.[18]


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