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Before humanity started binding books, Shuma-Gorath, Skelos, Vathelos, and others created iron-bound books.[6]

It was also stated that Vathelos had bound the Book of Vathelos[7] and the Iron-Bound Book of Skelos[8][9] during the Hyborian Age.[9][7]

Hyborian Age

During the Hyborian Age, only a few copies of the Book of Vathelos the Blind were known to exist.

  • Hundred of years before the Age of Conan, the Tarimic headmonk of a monastery possessed a copy of one of the Iron-Bound Books of Vathelos the Blind, which he used to (under duress) to unlock the mystery of unending life for the king of Puhru-Shatammu. The spell released the demon Aksha-Thushtra, imprisoned for years by Raama. The king asked him unending life, and the demon did it, but on his own terms, by granting him his boon in exchange for souls of his subjects. The monks were all executed. Eventually the king began to mutate, as Aksha-Thushtra had not sworn to keep him under human form.[3]
  • Shu-Onoru possessed it, among other tomes. It was one of the tomes his slave Zula read to gain magical knowledge.[10]
  • Ranephi possessed it, among other tomes of eldritch knowledge, but burned them as his end drew near, to prevent this knowledge to fall in the hands of peasants and barbarians.[11]
  • Sophos possibly possessed the hidden scrolls of Vathelos the Blind and the iron-bound books of Skelos, and brought Anaximander to unravel the mysteries only hinted in those tomes.[4]
  • Zafra, the sorcerer of Akter Khan, in Zamboula, seemingly possessed it, along with the tomes of Sabatea and the book of Skelos.[5]

Shevatas the Thief somehow manage to read the iron-bound books of Vathelos and Skelos, which informed him on the tomb of Thugra Khotan in Kuthchemes.[12]


The Iron-Bound Books of Vathelos the Blind contained mysteries[4] and magical knowledge,[11] including the means to summon the demon Aksha-Thushtra.[3]

The book and Vathelos (along with the book of Skelos) mentioned the tomb of Thugra Khotan in Kuthchemes, and how to open it.[12]

It also seemingly included content about Ishtar and/or her Lifestone.[2]


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