Quote1.png Stark asserted order. He established laws. He made things safe. He made a land, and the land came to be called the Iron. Quote2.png
-- Miriam Sharpe src


The Iron was the territory of the Warzone taken by Tony Stark's side after the Superhuman Civil War spread beyond the superheroic community and regular citizens started picking their own side. Here, the government of President Tony Stark used the Initiative to conscript everyone with powers for the government in the name of safety. The population is close together and so everyone has to be mindful of everyone else at all times.

The Iron lays east of the The Divide located in Saint Louis, Missouri. According to President Stark, the Iron is half the size of the Blue although it has twice the population. The Iron is regarded as the legitimate government by the rest of Battleworld, allowing it to be a trading partner to the other domains of the world, and acquire resources.[1]

In an attempt to win the war, the Blue invaded the Iron. The battle came to an end when the two territories joined forces to deal with the Skrulls, who had been revealed as the masterminds pulling the strings of the conflict, and the Blue and the Iron ultimately achieved peace.[2]

With the intention of overthrowing God Emperor Doom, M.O.D.O.K. teleported numerous alternate versions of himself from across the different domains of Battleworld to help him in his quest, but, as they argued about who should be the supreme lord of Battleworld, most of them ended up killing each other, ending with their conspirancy even before it had started.[3]

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