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The Iron All-Father Armor is a suit of armor crafted through the combined efforts of Iron Man, Shuri, and the Dwarves of Nidavellir led by Screwbeard.[1][2] It was presented to Odin, who was recovering from an assassination attempt by Dark Elf assassins sent by Malekith, as a more powerful alternative to Gungnir in his attempt to free Freya from her potentially fatal stand at the Black Bifrost in Svartalfheim.[3] Unfortunately, it was not sufficient to stand against Malekith's own dark magic when combined with the Venom symbiote.[4]

The armor functions similarly to an Iron Man Armor, including flight and repulsor capabilities from the hands and feet both. The design came from Stark, then was infused with Dwarven magic and laced with pure Wakandan Vibranium. The sigils and lines along the armor glow violet when active, with carvings visible along the point of where a beard would be. The helmet can be dissolved at will without any effort, being mystically connected to the wearer.[3]

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