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Following the death of the Avengers at the hands of the Absorbing Man in Washington D.C., Tony Stark created robot duplicates of the slain Avengers to carry on in their name. Each Iron Avenger had a similar likeness of their name sake, but also had similar features of Stark's many Iron Man armors.

Each Iron Avenger could fly via jet boots, although the size differences of the Wasp and Giant Man Iron Avengers, and the Hawkeye Iron Avenger's bow and arrows, it is unclear if the Iron Avengers were given the ability to mimic their name sakes superhuman abilities. The Iron Avengers were later put under the employ of the President, Norman Osborne, and were soon joined surviving Avengers Thor, Vision and Captain America. And addition to the group was Wyatt Wingfoot, who had become the costumed hero known as Redwing. The group performed missions for Osborn, although Captain America was vocal about his disliking of Stark's use use of his former comrades likeness, and his employment through Osborn, a known felon. Cap was unaware that Stark planned to use the money he earned from Osborn to build an army of Iron Men to usurp Osborn and police the world. This plan never came into fruitation however due to New York's invasion from the Skull and his army, and later the battle between Galactus and the Celestials in New York Harbor that took Stark's own life.

In their earliest recorded mission, the Iron Avengers were hired to handle the appearance of the alien Hydra in New York. They had arrived in time to save Cap from being tricked into joining the Hydra.

Shortly after, the Iron Avengers were called to aid Thor in battling his brother Loki and an army of Frost Giants who invaded New York in an attempt to trick Thor into traveling back to Asgard where he would be unable to return to Earth.

When the Skull first arrived in New York City, the Iron Avengers were the first line of defense against the Skull's march on President Osborn's headquarters. When the Skull realized he couldn't take control of the Iron Avengers he had his army destroy them, which they did with great ease.

Following the defeat of the Skull, and Tony Stark's death while battling the Celestials, King Britain decreed that the Iron Avengers to be rebuilt. Over the next three years he worked with the Vision and his army of genetically engineered Union Jacks to build an army of Iron Avengers to defend England and the world. While maintaining the same abilities of the originals, these Iron Avengers appeared to lack the personalities and ability to speak that the originals did. This may be due to the fact that only Stark had the genius to program such complex personalities.

The Iron Avengers were usually under the command of the Black Knight (son of the late Inhuman King Black Bolt) who was raised by King Britain. The Iron Avengers played a part in defending Buckingham Palace from an attack made by the Tong of Creel who sought to collect King Britain's piece of the Absorbing Man, and attempt which was successful.

The Iron Avengers were later sent with Black Knight to investigate the Human Torch in the Savage Land that appeared to have gone out due to neglect. There Black Bolt, Iron Maiden, and Jade Dragon got involved in a power struggle with Toad, who switched abilities with Magneto following the worlds depolarization. The Toad used his newfound magnetic powers to take control of the Iron Avengers present and used them to attack the heroes. At which point Black Bolt called in an entire army of Iron Avengers against Toad, and his creation known only as Tank.

With the aid of Cable (who's been trapped beneath Sentinel City since his technorganic virus went out of control), Iron Maiden was able to stabilize the amount of Vibranium in that area of the world to reverse the power switch between Magneto and Toad was reversed. Upon regaining his powers Magneto repaired all the damage caused to Sentinel City and Iron Avengers and freed them from the Toads control.

The Iron Avengers later aided in battling the Absorbing Man when he literally absorbed the city of New York.

After the defeat of Creel the Iron Avengers had taken an even lesser involvement in the affairs on Earth-9997. They have been seen on guard during the wedding of King Britain and Medusa. A number of Iron Avengers were sent along with Iron Maiden into space to rescue the Eternals, who have been trapped in Vibranium for years.

As present, it is unknown what the status of this mission is, and what the remaining Iron Avenger robots status are on Earth, but it is presumable they have resumed their normal duties of defending the Earth.

Black Knight renamed himself to Black Bolt (after his father) and joined with a new incarnation of the Avengers formed by Loki who took on the guise of Thor. Redwing distanced himself from the Iron Avengers after the original teams destruction at the hands of the Skull, and distancing himself from the hero community following Captain America's death. Prior to his death, Cap left to aid the reborn Mar-Vell in his quest to gather artifacts of power, and later after his death joined up with deceased Iron Avenger creator Tony Stark in Mar-Vell's army against Death. Both Stark and Cap became a member of Mar-Vell's Avenging Host in Paradise. The current whereabouts of Jade Dragon and Tank are presently unknown.

Although Black Widow is listed as an associate to the team in the Universe X Omnibus, she never acted on the team. Her only relation to the group is in being the Ambassador to Russia in Britain and working closely to King Britain.

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