Not much is known about the villain known as Iron Brain. According to accounts he was a mad killer who was hung for his crimes. Under unexplained circumstances, his brain was apparently replaced with a mechanical device. He then disappeared from public view, and used his vast intelligence to construct an undersea base with advanced weapons and a biologically engineered aquatic dinosaur hybrid he called the Aquasaurus Rex. In 1949, Iron Brain developed an anti-gravity device and used it to pull the Earth into the sun.

He then sent a demand to the United Nations asking them to surrender the world to him. Instead, the authorities summoned the Sub-Mariner and Namora and the pair located Iron Brain's base. Iron Brain unleashed his creation upon them and attempted to hurtle the Earth into the sun in retaliation. While Namora battle Iron Brain's creature, the Sub-Mariner punched out Iron Brain, destroying his mechanical brain. The hero then used the anti-gravity device to send the Aquasaurus Rex into space to die, and returned the Earth to it's original position. The destruction caused by the battle flooded and destroyed Iron Brain's base, washing his lifeless body away to a watery grave.[1]


Highly intelligent and apparently knowledge in many areas of science


Aquasaurus Rex (Earth-616) from Sub-Mariner Comics Vol 1 30 0001

Aquasaurus Rex

Apparently, Iron Brain's human brain was replaced with a mechanical one of unknown origins. It has apparently greatly boosted his mental capacity to create inventions that were beyond the realm of conventional science in 1949.


Iron Brain developed an anti-gravity device that was powerful enough to effect the Earth's gravitational pull and send it hurtling into the sun. He also biologically engineered a hybrid dinosaur creature he dubbed the Aquasaurus Rex.

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