After the Collector won the battle against Maestro, he was left in a weakened state as he had used most of the ISO-Sphere's energy to do so. Seeing this as their chance to finally free themselves from the Collector, Iron Man and the Captain America from World War II decided to act and attack the Collector. However, Iron Man wanted to seize control over the ISO-Sphere, thus ending the Contest of Champions once and for all, and use it to help people whereas Captain America only wanted to defeat the Collector and escape Battlerealm. Eventually, their disagreement became an open conflict, a Cosmic Civil War which polarized legions of Champions behind the opposite sides.

Cosmic Civil War: Endgame

As many other times before, the Cosmic Civil War led Iron Man and Captain America to fight each other while also fighting against the Collector, who even in his weakened state was able to defeat them and encase them into ISO-8 Crystals again. After the battle, the Collector would always replace the factions' leaders by more fierce counterparts to keep the Cosmic Civil War going. Upon learning this, Doctor Strange assembled a team of his own, composed of the defected members of both Iron and Blue Factions, to try to find the legendary Civil Warrior to end the war.

The Iron Faction disbanded when the Collector himself put an end to the Cosmic Civil War after the Civil Warrior defeated the leaders of both factions.

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