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Iron Fist
You killed my master.
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"Wendell Rand"
Is that what he was for you? The Thunderer raised you as his own. Led you to the dragon Shou-Lao and fitted you with fists of iron. He became the Yu-Ti so you wouldn't have to. He gave you all the power in the world and shielded you from any of its responsibilities. And you turned your back on him. Left him in a icy grave. Any of this sounding familiar?
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Appearing in "Rage: Part Four"

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Synopsis for "Rage: Part Four"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

• When the Iron Fist opens his heart to someone, is it inevitable blood will follow?

• Are the wolves literally at the door?

• There is no place to hide, there is nowhere that is safe from the ghosts of Danny Rand’s past.


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